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Looking for ways to give your wife or girlfriend the best orgasms of her life?

Here is your chance to learn what only 1% of men in the world know.  The insider secrets and skills on how to prepare and properly arouse a female body for orgasm

Our new course has just launched with  Step by Step Video Guide with actual models showing how to find and properly stimulate your girl to create mind blowing orgasms. 

Learn what few men ever get to learn and change your life forever

How to 'prime'and totally awaken a woman's body so that she can start having more powerful orgasms, more frequently, and more easily!

The facts are simple;
•Great relationships are built on intimacy.
•Intimacy is built on great sex
•Most women believe their sex lives could be better
•Most women never tell their partners
•Many have given up on ever having a great sex life

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How many times have you been dissatisfied with the sexual experience you have had or worse, deep in your heart you knew your partner was disappointed?


I am a 25 yr old virgin from India, it's our culture to give our first time to our marriage partner, so I am still a virgin after the practical session with Jenny lol but I found the practical training tremendously useful in terms of building up my confidence. ......I highly recommend her and the course.

Discover the insider secrets today of how to sexually please a women today. For a limited time we have opened up exclusive access to our members area with our amazing course for just $27 saving you $50. But be quick this offer can't last and we will be increasing the price soon. Plus inside the course we will show you a way to win your membership fee back


You will have  30 days to use the members area and access the course including the videos and PDF's. Within that time if you are not happy or satisfied you can apply for a refund with no questions asked. We want you to be happy and get benefit from the content

Inside Our New Members Area you will get the following

  • Lifetime access to "That Sensational Feeling" video and PDF course
  • 54 minutes of video training showing actual sexual techniques demonstrated by models  broken down into eight easy to follow segments.
  • A downloadable PDF showing all the techniques and positions and descriptions as shown in videos.
  • Access to tutors for one on one hands on training* (not included in course fee)
  • Ability to ask questions to our expert panel
  • A FREE copy of the DVD for your viewing pleasure
  • Beautifully crafted videos taking  you through the structured sensual love making session,  guiding you step by step how to create a powerful orgasm for women
  • Discounted Member offers on future courses.

​Tom Auckland

Sure we all know how to have sex, but I started thinking 'am I pleasing the girl I'm with?' That's when I came across Jenny's webpage and as I started to read it, I just had to join. I arranged a time with Jenny (which is a gorgeous woman with a sexy body) and she began to discuss techniques on how to set the mood, where to touch and what to touch. She is a great teacher, I felt comfortable being with her as her instructions were easy to follow and her techniques are hands on so you can practice what she is telling you. I came away with 3 life lessons that every man should know, how to give a relaxing massage, how to give a sensual/sexual massage and how to give a woman a 'real' orgasm. Thank you so much Jenny. --- Tom

Who is this membership course suited to?

MEN who wish to become more accomplished lovers, better able to satisfy their partners.


WOMEN who wish to gain understanding and create a better sexual experience for themselves and their partners.


COUPLES who wish to improve their love-making skills and confidence, and develop stronger, more intimate relationships through BETTER SEX.

Here are what our customers think!

”This training has completely changed my life

”This training has completely changed my life. I was so shy and afraid previously but having a step by step guide for me and my partner has helped us both beyond words. Being able to ask questions to Jenny also was a tremendous help and she is so patient and kind. These skills are not taught in school so if no one shows you then you will never get to learn and never experience the freedom and joy that a proper sex life brings you.  Fantastic Jenny...10/10    Cheers Jude


It's a new life! Best investment I have ever made

“I was reluctant and embarrassed at first to get this course as I thought my partner would be insulted however once I explained what it was about he was very accommodating. It took us a while to get going but with persistence (watch the videos  a few times not just once is my recommendation) and determination we are now experts and have never been happier. Its taken our relationship to new levels and we highly recommend this course/membership to young couples who want to take their relationship to the next level .”

Mary B : Auckland Central

Two words for this course.....GET IT!!

“This is something all couples should do . This literally saved our marriage as after the birth of our third child the relationship became very  hard and we pretty much gave up on sex.  However after doing the course things are back on track and we are happy. Very happy!! No where else have I seen something with actual models showing step by step how to make a women orgasm. Simply Brilliant!!”

Shane : Hamilton

What is included in "That Sensational Feeling" training course

  • Video One: An introduction to the course and what you can expect throughout the step by step training videos 
  • Video Two: In video two we look at a new technique for women to enhance their sexuality using a simple technique that can be done anywhere. This is ground breaking  and not to be missed. Don't miss this one, it could change your life
  • Video Three:  This one is for there girls but guys can learn a lot too. We look at some subtle techniques for self stimulation that end in pure pleasure. 
  • Video Four: This video focuses on the partner providing the stimulation through a step by step guide on how to please a women and have her coming back for more. Guys can use this incredible  technique on their lady
  • Video Five: Oral Pleasure. Discover the way to bring women to powerful orgasm using oral techniques. This one is not to be missed and will have them screaming for more
  • Video Six:  How to have intercourse while providing maximum stimulation and a secret technique that will have her trembling with exquisite pleasure whenever you want
  • Video Seven : How to find, and properly stimulate her G-spot, to create out-of-this-world, orgasms. (Many women can't find their G-spot on their own. You can be the hero and help her realize her full orgasmic potential.
  • Video Eight: A summary of the course and wind up with final instructions

Sexual fulfilment is a foundation stone to better mental, physical and emotional health for women and stronger more intimate relationships for couples.


You will have  30 days to use the members area and access the course including the videos and PDF's. Within that time if you are not happy or satisfied you can apply for a refund with no questions asked. We want you to be happy and get benefit from the content. 

About the Author

Jenny Young has  been heavily involved in  women's health and sexuality while she was lecturing at tertiary institutions. Her techniques are sought after by students and practitioners alike.  Jenny discovered that better results are obtained  via practical training  lessons and these  techniques are included inside the course in video format.  These are some of the best methods in the world and she guarantees them 100%.
Many successful couples owe their happiness to Jenny and her famous techniques.

Within the members area you will access to ask Jenny questions about these methods live via a comments section.

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